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SeokChon Lake Art Gallery  


2020 Competition Winner

Project Team: 

ChungYeon Won

Record Architect: 

WithWorks Architects and Engineers

Seokchon Lake Park is a public park with a unique topographical character. The park is formed by a lake and (2) a ring path around it. The outer ring path, at ground level, creates a park boundary and provides several access points to the park. It connects to the main city grids and transportation and has both bike and pedestrian paths. The smaller inner ring path, which is 4 meters below the ground level, wraps the lake and functions as the main feature of the park along with the lake. It is where park amenities are accessed, and seasonal festivals are held. The space between the (2) ring path varies from 20m to 50m in width, and is sloped and densely landscaped with trees. It is not an accessible space to people but functions as a visual and acoustical barrier to the city noise and activities. It also serves as a connector between the (2) ring path by nominally located stairs and ramps.


Currently, there are enough amenities within the park for social activities and programs but lacks facilities for a cultural experience, and thus a design competition calling for an art museum that can fulfill this gap. The design proposed is designed to meet this goal and more. It is intended as a symbolic feature of the park with sculptural and organic forms and unique outdoor features.

The general concept of architectural interpolation stems from analyzing the current site conditions and context. First, it was notable that there is no clear main entry to the park. There are several stairs and ramps, but they are scattered throughout the park, and no clear way to enter the park and experience a continuous ring path from start to end. The design proposed provides a visual mark from the street level, the organic sculptural building, and the interpolating path connecting the outer ring path to the inner ring path, bisecting the site, which will make the design a new "gateway" to the park.

The building massing is carefully crafted to accentuate the concept further. The programming blocks are placed around the new gateway path, then lifted and rotated to blend with the site and maximize the use of sun orientation for users' energy savings and comfort. The First programming block, south of the site, is a cantilevered exterior deck supported by a ring beam lifted 4m off the ground level. The main axis of the deck is rotated towards the Lotte tower and is overextended towards the lake to maximize the views of the lake and inner ring path. The deck is freely accessible to the public and bridges over the path below to function as a second entry to the main programmed spaces. The main programming block, located north of the site, is the main building block and hosts most of the building programs, including galleries and the main entrance to the building. The building block is 15m tall and is divided into (2) masses and rotated to optimal orientations. The lower mass is enclosed in Low-E insulating glass curtainwalls, and the upper block is cladded with GFRC panels. The circulation throughout the building reflects the flowing organic massing of the building, allowing a continuous experience of the programs and amenities.

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