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Spatial Reminicence:

SeongNam History Museum

2022, Competition Entry 

Project Team: 

ChungYeon Won

Gamal Tarakhan

2Degree Lab

The site in Seongnam is a place where the painful past, dynamic present, and the future of dreams and vision coexist. In the 1960s, as one of the measures for the displaced people due to demolitions, Seoul designated a part of Gwangju County as the Gwangju Daedanji (large complex), but it sparked a citizen uprising occupying the city in response to unplanned urban policies and hasty administration. The Gwangju Daedanji Incident of 1971 is evaluated as the starting point of a large-scale urban poor movement generated in the process of rapid industrialization.

In the extension of this modern history, we aim to capture the precious historical and symbolic significance of the site, which holds the painful memory of Seongnam's first industrial complex. First, in terms of form, we plan it as a symbolic exhibition hall that encapsulates the urban structure of Gwangju Daedanji, created for the forced relocation of the Cheonggyecheon demolition victims, as a space of reconciliation and healing, reflecting the lives of urban citizens in the developmental era. Furthermore, we hope it becomes a place that transcends the conventional exhibition hall, which encapsulates Seongnam's dynamic urban construction process and historical culture, harmonizing with the park landscape, where residents can participate in its creation and enjoy culture together.

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