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2019 Competition Entry

Seoul, Korea

Project Team: 

ChungYeon Won

Located central to the Chang-dong and Sanggye Urban Regeneration district, the site plays a crucial role virtually interconnecting the various surrounding developments. Considering the site's corner location, the multi-faceted massing intentionally confuses the primary and secondary facades, amplifying its presence from all viewing angles. Whether approaching from the Transit hub, the Arena or the existing residential area, the building will naturally interlace the pedestrian flows into this important node point of the district. Rotated diagrid is utilized to systemize the overall massing, spatial arrangements,  exterior, and landscape design.


The flow continues into the building as part of an urban passage. The internal spaces are arranged to ensure the visitors recognize the building's connection to other surrounding sites by interlacing the circulation flow and with intentionally framed views along the journey. The entrance is facing the unbiased corner of the site, recessed into the massing to ensure the multi-faceted aspect of the building does not favor a direction. Once visitors step into the building, the inter-weaving pre-function areas provide unobstructed visual connections between the essential exhibition spaces providing dynamic experiences throughout. Public gardens on the roof are also designed as open spaces with various views as well as a sense of protection by the surrounding internal program areas.    

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