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2017 Competition Entry

Samcheok City, Korea

Project Team: 

ChungYeon Won

The project’s initial idea stemmed from an urban passage bridging the various attractors within and around the site. The site is located at the most crucial intersection of the Samcheok city. To the north, the central harbor accommodates the daily leisure of the local community as well as the visitors, to the west, newly constructed flood mitigation wetland park is to become the liveliest public destination in the area. Located along the scenic SaeChunNyun road, the site also comprises many historical reminiscents as well as a mountain which are to be preserved. Any new interference to the existing neighborhood needs to be cohesive connecting the various disconnected urban components. Proposed design will provide means to naturally inter-weave the series of attractors and the city with the primary catalyst for vitalization.


The four distinct programs are separated into each building and are arranged sitting lightly in-between the landscape like pebbles. Dispersed structures in-between the landscape will provide various experiences for the pedestrians while strolling up and down the passages throughout the site. The buildings can be entered at multiple locations including the upper levels of the elevated walkways and ground neutralizing the boundaries between the architecture and landscape. Whether for reposing visitors or exhibition viewers, the outdoor and indoor activities will also blend naturally and effortlessly. Surrounded by the buildings and elevated walkways, the central courtyard provides an intimate space for the outdoor exhibitions and gatherings. The miniature Dokdo island sculpture will be placed in the reflecting pools which are dissected by the central passage to the exhibition area, and will provide the visitors with more dynamic experience.   Designed as one of the “pebbles”, the outdoor stage can be viewed from various locations within site generating truly interactive spaces.    

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