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Ethereal Voids as Modules:

Pedestrianizing the Jamsu Bridge

Competition Entry 

Project Team: 

ChungYeon Won

Interface Studio

The historic Jamsu Bridge holds a rich narrative and unexplored possibilities for exclusive pedestrian programs and designs when freed from vehicular constraints. However, this landscape also presents other design challenges. Vulnerability to flooding and a compressed tunnel for passage stand as significant obstacles. The substantial framework, combined with cars, cyclists, and pedestrians, poses safety concerns and limits direct engagement with the Han River below. 

Our design embarked with a fundamental query: How might this space not only accommodate but embrace an agile spectrum of possibilities, considering both the enigmatic tapestry of prospective uses and the capricious climate that casts infrastructure in an ever-uncertain light? In response, we advocate for an intentional vacancy, a canvas untainted by pre-imposed constraints, atop the existing Jamsu Bridge surface. Within this void, a medley of programmatic functions organically coalesces, seamlessly interfacing with the established calendar of annual events that have ingrained the bridge within the socio-cultural tapestry of diverse communities.

The proposed conceptual framework resides in developing a design paradigm that is innately impervious to the capricious surges of flooding, thereby epitomizing resilience. This paradigm is enacted through a strategic orchestration of vertical spatial utilization, concomitant with the judicious elevation of verdant enclaves. By situating boxes, planes, and green spaces, at an elevated vantage, the proposed design tactically safeguards against the tumultuous inundation that often culminates in the debilitation of critical infrastructural assets.

The unlocking of this multifaceted potential necessitates a fundamental reconfiguration of the bridge’s circumscribed parameters. A deliberate elongation and lowering of the boundaries encompassing the bike path and guardrails ensue, engendering an architectural orchestration that beckons visitors to the immediate water’s edge. This calculated design maneuver invites engagement, fostering an intimate interplay with the adjacent aqueous expanse and engendering a sensorial experience replete with unassailable uniqueness.

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