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Journals and Articles 

- “Factors Affecting Energy Performance of Large-Scale Office Buildings: Analysis of Benchmarking Data from New York City and Chicago”, 《Energies》, 4783,     December 2019

- “Comparative Analysis of Energy Consumption between Green Building Certified and Non-Certified Buildings in Korea”, 《Energies》, 13(5):1049, February 2020

- “Status of LEED Certified Buildings in Korea and its Energy Consumption”, KIA, 2019 Spring Conference

- “Assessing Regulatory Parameters Defining Morphology of High-Rise, High-Density Urban Blocks - A comparative analysis of Korea’s recent projects”, 《Korea       Institute of Ecological Architecture and Environment》 vol 18, no 6 (2018), pp. 137-145.

- “Design Parameters for High-Rise, High-Density Urban Blocks: A Comparative Analysis of Design Guidelines and Regulations, ISAIA, 2018 Fall Conference   

- ”Shenzhen ShumYip Tower One: A Case Study-AE Integration - A Broad New Vision”, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, 2016

- “Processing Block: Advances in Stone Processing Technology”, SOM Internal Research Paper, 2016 

- Writings for International Space Magazine  ‘BOB’
          Valerio Dewalt Train Associates Interview & Review – February/2006
          AIA ‘The fashion of Architecture’ Exhibition Review  – May/2006
          Gensler Studio Office 585 Interview & Review – June/2006
          Office dA Interview & Review – October/2007
          Studio SUMO Interview & Review – February/2008
          Leven Betts Interview & Review – September/2009


Invited Lectures & Exhibitions

- Architecture Day Annual Invited Exhibition, Korean Institute of Architects, 2020.

- “International case studies of Community Engagement in Transit Architecture”, Korea Railroad Architecture Technology Association, 2019 Korea Transit Architecture  Forum

- “SUPERTALL: Probing the Technology and Design Behind Today’s Newest Generation of Skyscraper”, WX New York, 2016   
- “Building Resilience: Flood Mitigation for New and Existing Structures”, SEAoNY Conference, 2016


Funded Research Projects

- "건축사 자격시험 제도개선 방안 마련 연구; A research on improvements of  Architecture  License Exam in Korea ",  Architectural Institute of Korea
- "Public Housing Design in Post-corona era", Korea Land & Housing Corporation, 2020
- “Reimagining public spaces of urban housing blocks in the post-Covid-19 era”, Korea University Research Grant April 2020 to March 2021
- “Beyond Capital: Optimizing Design Parameters for Architecture of High-rise and High-density Urban Blocks”,   Korea University Research Grant,  April 2018 to March 2019 

Honors & Awards

- 석촌호수 아트갤러리 공모전, Winner, 2020
- Metals in Construction magazine Design Challenge, Winner, 2017
- iF Design Award, Professional Concept Category, Emboss Tower, 2018 


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