WallGaeDong Public Housing Revitalization

월계사슴2단지 공간복지 프로젝트  

2019 Korea LH Corporation Initiative

Project Team: 

ChungYeon Won

AIN Group

YeonJae Kang

KyungSun Yoon


Early 2019, Korea Land and Housing Corporation initiated a program ' Space Doctor' which aims to revitalize the outdated public housing blocks within Seoul City. Selected architects were given one community each to investigate and analyze the problems, both physical and non-physical. The project site-SaSeum Block 2, 사슴2단지- is located in WallgaeDong, Seoul comprising 764 low-income apartment units. Constrained to suggesting improvements to the external public spaces only, the proposal included the community's own street furniture design that can be adaptable to the various ergonomic behaviors and needs as well as reprogramming of the open spaces for real community interactions.  The construction is scheduled to start in fall, 2019.

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