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KU Science π Park Masterplan

A preliminary study for funding; 2023

Project Team: 

ChungYeon Won

Richard Yoo

Juhyung Kim

YoonKyo Jung

In 2023, Korea University's AeGiNeung Campus—home to the College of Science and Life Sciences—will commemorate its 70th anniversary, while the College of Engineering celebrates its 60th. Their evolution is a testament to Korea's modern history, cultivating a legacy of pride among community members and alumni alike.

The campus itself is a chronicle of the university’s growth. The Second Engineering Building, a 1964 landmark and the campus's oldest structure met its end in the spring of 2018, making way for the completion of the Medihill Geo-Environmental Building in 2021. The upcoming inauguration of the Jung Woon-Oh IT Liberal Arts Building in 2024 continues this narrative. Yet, despite these developments, AeGiNeung Campus grapples with an ongoing space deficit. The areas surrounding Aegineung, meant to reflect the dynamism of campus life, are currently dominated by asphalt parking. Moreover, the Science Annex, Student Union, and Environmental Laboratory are aging structures in need of modernization.

In 2015, Korea University initiated several projects toward a strategic and comprehensive master plan, aiming to revitalize the Natural Sciences Campus. However, the fruition of these plans remains pending. Today, additional pressing sustainability and educational challenges underscore the urgency for this strategic vision to get concretized.


This project intends to actualize the overarching goals of the master plan with a tailored approach, honoring AeGiNeung's distinctive historical, cultural, and geographical tapestry, and redefining the campus's identity. It is envisioned that each planned and prospective edifice will contribute to an interconnected and cohesive campus environment.

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